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Please revisit this page which is under regular review. Please contact us if you have anything to add or wish to see other topics covered. 

Creative Ways to continue working with people seeking sanctuary.

As face to face services are closed down our primary concern is that people seeking sanctuary do not become isolated. Many will not have family support and long term isolation can damage wellbeing and mental health.  We are guided by our network principles – we can be leaders and movers behind networks across a city or borough to ensure support is coordinated with other voluntary organisations and local authorities.

Three of our key network principles are:

  • Create opportunities for relationships of friendship and solidarity between local people and those seeking sanctuary
  • Recognise and encourage partnership working and network development across localities;
  • Identify opportunities for working on common cause issues within and across communities

Connect and Create is a 6 weeks about building connections with others and celebrating what is important about being part of a community of sanctuary.

So for example see how Bradford CoS has responded here. Swansea CoS also set up a cross sector meeting to talk about pooling resources on maintaining service provision for people seeking sanctuary.  In Bristol, the refugee sector came together to ensure that no-one falls through the gaps created by the suspension of face to face services. See their article City of Hope: Bristol’s refugee sector response to Covid-19. 

Sheffield City of Sanctuary have created a Virtual Sanctuary – check it out on their website. They also have a comprehensive information page on  Covid-19 on their brilliant collaborative Asylum Journey Sheffield website including emergency services available, health advice and HO updates.  Their multi-agency Covid-19 Support Services Sheffield leaflet (now in 5 languages) has gone out to everyone seeking sanctuary via the asylum support accommodation provider.  

If your local City of Sanctuary group have any suggestions or examples to add to the following sections, please let us know.

See also Refugee Women Connect‘s June 2020 report Gendered Considerations in the Asylum System during Covid-19 – Guidance for organisations supporting asylum-seeking and refugee women.

Please note, we are working to restore the section on Meeting Basic Needs. 

Many face to face activities are being restored as restrictions and risk assessments allow. Here are some useful links provided by Tudor Trust: 

Government advice on the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities.

Advice sheet on returning to your premises from the Ethical Property Foundation.

The Cranfield Trust offer a range of advice, webinars and one to one support on all areas of charity management including finance, communication and business planning. Give them a call on 01794 830338 more information available on their website. 

• For legal advice and support Bates Wells offer blogs, webinars and a free 30 minute call for charities. 

The Small Charity Coalition supports small charities to access the skills, tools and information they need. There is a wealth of information on their website, including webinars and support from their team over the phone: 

The Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) has recently added more slots for voluntary sector leaders to join their peer support sessions. Sign up here:

Tudor Trust continues to share the latest opportunities on their resources page on our website.