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Please revisit this page which is regularly updated.

Many City of Sanctuary volunteers are self-isolating, which can be difficult and people seeking sanctuary are particularly vulnerable to isolation, loneliness, depression and vulnerability.  Lack of internet access and TV is a particular challenge for those stuck in asylum accommodation on meagre asylum support.  Please continue to send us your ideas and practice on how CoS groups remain connected with each other including people seeking sanctuary as we socially distance and remain under pandemic restrictions.  We are pleased to share one Sanctuary Ambassadors suggestion to her peers on how to take care during these difficult times. Thank you Niloha.

It’s understandable to feel worried at this time. But it’s important not to let our mental health suffer. Fortunately, there are some simple things which we can do to help ourselves and others stay healthy and well. 

Our maxim has always been: First take sanctuary for yourself.